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Love my job…

I’m happy that I was able to assist my client with a cash out so she and her family can remodel their home and I am delighted with her kind acknowledgement: “I still can’t believe it! You’ve been amazing helping me through this. I can’t thank you enough”. Now the fun part of picking a… Read more

California is still a safe investment

Everyone asks is it too late to get into the real estate market. No! California fairs to be the safest investment even at the peak. Any market correction will be less and shorter than any other region. Just be prepared to ride it out. And enjoy the benefits of investing in your own assets rather… Read more

You made it through the mortgage crisis!

Even if you bought in 2006, it has most likely been a good investment for you now a decade later. At times you might have felt your world turned upside down; not knowing if you owned your house or it owned you. Well, congratulations you made it through and now you have options. Additionally, you… Read more

Reminder of Key Dates in February

As you know, February is a time for two very important occasions:  Valentine’s Day and the Property Taxes deadline.  We want to remind you the second installment of the 2015-2016 Property taxes are due starting, February 1st and will be delinquent if payment is not received by April 10, 2016.  You can pay online by making a payment from your checking… Read more

Website offers a wealth of info for homebuyers

From Kevin Smith @ SGVNBiz on Twitter. Most people who are looking to buy a home check the prices of comparable homes in the area and the quality of local schools. But Realtytrac’s new property website goes well beyond that. It identifies registered sex offenders in the area as well as drug labs that have been… Read more

It’s Time to Think About Refinancing Your Mortgage

From the — The bond market is a complicated thing, and it is understandable if most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. But even for Americans who don’t want to spend any mental energy on yield curves, convexity and term premia, there is one simple thing to know about the… Read more

The Impact of Rising Interest Rates

As you have all heard, interest rates have notably risen in the last few months. Below is a chart to help you understand the impact of rising rates. On May 1, 2013 a buyer could have purchase a home for $500,000 with a 20% down payment at an interest rate of 3.25% on a 30… Read more

Prop 60 & 90 Allows for One-time Transfer of Tax Base for Seniors 55+

Proposition 60 and 90 is an affordable way for Senior Property Owners age 55 and older to move since it allows them to transfer their tax base one-time.  The Replacement property has to be equal value or less and must be purchased within two years.  Please note Riverside County began participating again on September 13, 2013.  Please… Read more