Reminder of Key Dates in February

As you know, February is a time for two very important occasions:  Valentine’s Day and the Property Taxes deadline.  We want to remind you the second installment of the 2015-2016 Property taxes are due starting, February 1st and will be delinquent if payment is not received by April 10, 2016.  You can pay online by making a payment from your checking account or by using a credit card or Visa Debit card, by clicking here.

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most enjoyable days (or nights) of the year, or it can be an over hyped, overpriced, disappointment. Below are some fun ways to ensure yours falls much more to the enjoyable side.

  • Avoid the crowds. Pick up your favorite meal to go and eat it at home. Try for a different setting, (the dining room instead of the kitchen?) or eat in front of a movie you’ve both been wanting to see.
  • Look at pictures from when you first met. The memories stirred will spur easy conversation that will bring you a little closer.
  • Go to a movie. Comprise on a movie that you will both enjoy together; maybe it is a romantic comedy, drama or action film.

However you spend it, here’s to a Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope it’s your best ever.

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